Where should Alberta turn?

Amidst the uncertainty of the economy, now more than ever Albertans are desperate to bounce back. With a projected deficit of $10.4 billion and an unemployment rate at its highest in 10 years – what can people do to take matters into their own hands?

Federal aid has been suggested as a possible solution to the fall of the oil industry. Some have made the argument that since Alberta has contributed so much to the Canadian economy, a government bailout should surely be in the pipeline. The reality; however, may be similar to that of the 1980’s crash when Alberta was left to fend for itself. Then what? Are families and individuals supposed to simply hope for the best until things turn around?

This is what we tell candidates who want to work with us

When we interview candidates who are interested in working with our company – the general reaction to what we tell them can be described in one word. HOPE. At Regera, we are invested in the fiber optics industry, and were happy to know it’s an industry that’s here to stay. We encouraging people who are anxious about the economic downturn to re-invest in an industry with longevity. We tell candidates that by placing their earning potential in fiber optic communication, they are committing to a field that’s recession proof. A spokesperson for ACORN, an independent organization of low and moderate-income families in Canada was quoted saying that Internet access is no longer a commodity, but a necessity. The increasing need to stay connected for work and school will drive up the demand for subsidies to allow families to afford being online.

What better way to fight back against an industry that continues to unappologetically downsize lives and dreams. Reinvesting in a fiber future is a nod to where the world at large is heading. To find out more about working with us contact hr@regera.ca and check out our website for all of our vacant positions. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for job updates as well.

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