Regera is fast growing and due to our aggressive expansion plans, we are looking for qualified talent to fill our available positions.

We don’t need just anyone. We are looking for the right people.

We never punch-in or punch-out.

We knockout.


Regera’s workplace atmosphere is competitive and fun. We pride ourselves on the stimulating work environment at the office and flexible work schedule because it is the best way to inspire and motivate our team. Have you ever looked forward to going to work? We do. Every time. And you should too.



Here are some of the qualities we look for in candidates:


Strong Work Ethic

We are looking for candidates that work hard and play hard. People that are determined to get what they want because they are passionate about what they do. People that persevere when put up to the challenge and won’t stop until they get the job done.


We value people who have a habit of setting targets and plan for success. People that are ambitious enough to aim higher than they can jump, only if it means that they will jump higher than they ever have before.


Individuals that have strong leadership traits, or people that are dynamic, charismatic, visionary and strategic thinkers are of particular interest. People that seek managerial positions and look for career advancement opportunities are encouraged to apply.

Team Player & People Skills

Regera looks for people who have great soft skills. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are key components to successful customer acquisition and building lasting relationships. We seek active listeners, good negotiators and those who work well in a team setting.

Attitude & Behaviour

Regera looks for people that are optimistic and have a winning attitude. We look for people who have a student mentality: an eagerness to learn & improve. Demonstrated professionalism and trustworthiness are essential.



These aren’t mandatory, but they can set you apart from other candidates:


Customer service experience

Sales experience

Post-secondary education

Traveling experience

Active lifestyle






1 available position


2 available positions


2 available positions


1 available position


Depending on the position you apply for, you can be responsible for:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Meeting with potential clients
  • Building strong relationships with clients
  • Assessing client needs and tailoring solutions to them
  • Recruiting and selecting qualified candidates
  • Training new associates
  • Assisting/leading team meetings
  • Participating in/organizing recreational team activities
  • Managing team operations
  • Mentoring & coaching associates
  • Taking part in development seminars, workshops & conferences
  • Traveling abroad

What are you waiting for?

If working with Fortune 500 companies, career advancement and traveling opportunities interests you, then send your resume to and let us know what position you are interested in filling.