Many of us woke up to stories of the treacherous fires that tore through Fort McMurray on May 1st. Others who were directly affected were forced away from their homes and families in the attempt of fleeing what would become an ongoing crisis. With this unraveling so close to our Edmonton borders, we thought it would be fitting to talk about it and express our sympathies.

What’s most important is that no lives were lost; however, what was lost were memories and upbringings that cannot be salvaged. On another note, we’re so overcome with joy to see the outpouring of resources from fellow Canadians and charitable organizations to help the affected Albertans get back on their feet. Families in camps are now being issued debit cards with a preloaded amount for each family member while they wait to hear word of plans for re-entry into the city. The authorities have outlined that in order for residents to be given the go ahead for re-entry the wildfire cannot be a threat to the community, repairs of pertinent infrastructure must be completed, police and healthcare services must be fully functional, hazardous areas must be secured and the local government must get back on their feet. Crisis management officials have been said to be working hard to position the people of Fort Mac for the emotional time ahead as people head back to see what is left.

Our team at Regera Inc. would like to extend our compassion to our fellow Albertans during this time of uncertainty. The light at the end of the road is dim as fires continue to ravage near oil sands, but we’re looking forward to sunnier times for the people of Fort Mac. Our only hope is that everyone gets out safely as firefighters continue to work on an ever-growing blaze. We’ve added links to all the organizations that are accepting donations on behalf of the town as well as touching stories we’ve read of heroism and strength as the people pull through.

Let’s continue to stand in solidarity with Fort McMurray and it’s people.



CHARITIES ACCEPTING DONATIONS: Alberta Fire Appeals, Red Cross Salvation Army | Fort Mac Fire Donations | Save The Children | Edmonton Food Bank | Fundraiser in support of Fort McMurray |

ARTICLES: Random Acts of Kindness | Evacuees discover kindness | A nation responds to the fires

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